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Kent M. Walker advises clients on a wide variety of copyright issues, including the subject matter of copyright, requirements for copyright protection, copyright infringement, obtaining registration of copyrights and the transfer and licensing of copyrights. He obtains and protects his clients' copyrights in fields including computer software, artistic and textural works, packaging design and print design. He can assist you with copyright registration programs and issues fitted to your specific needs.  He can help prosecute or defend copyright infringement claims on your behalf before or in litigation.  By further example, Mr. Walker’s experience and services include:
Representation of record company in defense of copyright claims, which ended in favorable trial verdict.

Representation of copyright holders against manufacturers that copied designs and incorporated them into products.

Representation of clients accused of uploading cinematic and other artistic content by studios and other content owner companies.

Helps clients develop DMCA, terms of service and privacy policies for Internet service provider services;

Helps clients seek and negotiate licenses to copyrightable content for revenue generation purposes;

Helps clients seek and recover royalties and fees owned for unauthorized use of copyrightable content.

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