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Entertainment law (or media law) gets its name from its association to the entertainment industry, but it involves several traditional categories of law, including significantly intellectual property and contracts.  Intellectual property issues in entertainment law focus on copyrights, trademarks and rights of publicity, as well as rights of privacy, defamation, clearance of rights, product placement and advertising.   Contractual issues focus on transactions and negotiations over artistic and media content, terms of use, and allocation of rights, licenses, ownership and royalties.  When disputes cannot be resolved, then litigations, or at least arbitration and mediation, are often required.  

Accordingly, those working in new media, music, commercial art, literature, print publishing, film, television, and other reaches of the arts, entertainment, and media often need an attorney for such matters.  Kent M. Walker is here to assist you.     

Kent M. Walker applies innovative answers and solid experience to entertainment law issues.  Mr. Walker provides his clients with contract drafting and representation in negotiations; legal advice on publishing and business plans; representation in litigation and advice on other aspects of intellectual property law in various fields of entertainment.  He has represented a variety of artists and entertainers and provides counsel during contract formation and negotiation on behalf of such clients.  He can help you protect various forms of media and content through a comprehensive program of copyright and trademark registration.

Kent M. Walker brings affordable legal services to a wide range of entertainment industry clients.   No matter what stage you are at or which side of the negotiations you are on, it is in your interest to have a lawyer such as Mr. Walker who is familiar with the intellectual property and contractual issues involved.  Contact our office about helping you. 

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No matter which side of the negotiations you are on, it is in your interest to have a lawyer such as Mr. Walker who is familiar with the latest agreements. Contact him, he can help.

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