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Attorney Kent M. WalkerThe name chosen for a product or a service can be very important. The name creates consumer recognition and goodwill. Selecting or using a name without adequate investigation can be detrimental. Infringement of your mark can be even worse.

Kent M. Walker actively assists his clients in choosing and protecting trademarks. He provides searches and files and prosecutes federal, state and foreign applications for trademark and service mark registration. He also oversees policing of trademarks. He has substantial experience in opposition and cancellation proceedings. He also has extensive experience in trademark litigation.

Trademark Services

Whether you have a distinctive name or logo for your business, or a clever name for a new product, a trademark is the form of legal protection you are seeking. Trademark law prevents another company from using a confusingly similar “mark” when promoting its products or services. A federally registered trademark will prevent others from using your mark throughout the United States and its territories. To obtain a federally registered trademark, it is necessary to file a trademark application in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Before filing the trademark application, however, it is advisable to first conduct a trademark search.

Trademark Searching

Getting Started: We can perform a trademark search to determine whether there are others currently using the same or similar mark as yours. The search will serve two purposes: it will help determine whether you can obtain a registered trademark, and will help determine whether your use of the mark would infringe on the trademark of another. This is helpful even if you do not plan to seek a registered trademark. If you learn through the search that another company is already using a similar mark, it might be advisable to pick a different name for your product to avoid trouble later.

We search the records of federally registered trademarks and pending trademark applications, state trademark registrations, as well as certain “common law” sources. We will obtain information about any similar mark that we uncover in the search in order to best advise you how to proceed.

Trademark Applications

If it appears that your mark is distinctive from other marks used to identify similar products, we can prepare and file an application for a federal trademark to begin the process of obtaining a registered trademark. The trademark application specifies the goods and services that you intend to promote using the mark. We can file a trademark application on your behalf if you are currently using the mark in commerce, or even if you simply have a genuine intent to begin using the mark in commerce within the near future.

We highly recommend that you start the trademark process by having us perform a trademark search.

Example Trademark Matters

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